Woodworking 4 Home Review


woodworking4home review

Reviewer: Bill Mathews
5 Star Rating
Website Reviewed: Woodworking 4 Home


Obviously you’re looking for a woodworking website to give you some ideas about what to build around the house or at least some plans for the project you want to do. Woodworking4home might just be the answer for you for more reasons than one; try 14,000 detailed project plans.

There are 14,000 woodworking projects and plans associated with this site and each one is a possibility to the person who is looking to do some home improvement. I looked over the site and gave it a good ole fashioned run down on what this service has to offer and then wrote this review. Here we go.

The first thing that struck me upon visiting this site was simply the amount of plans available. I mean 14,000 seemed like overkill for bird houses and utility sheds. But after I looked over the different types of woodworking projects offered, it became clear to me that I was in for a ride.

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The different types of projects were broken down into organized file folders so that I could easily browse through them by interests and requirements. There were no odd projects thrown into the midst of something I was actually looking for.

If I was looking for plans to build a shelf I found nothing but shelving plans, with no “oh while you are here…” plans getting into my way. This is a time saver. Some sites do this often almost as if they own stock in a lumber company.

Another factor was simply that there were tons of projects I ran across that I never even thought of trying before. From guitars to bridges, it seems like anything I might want to do is included and in vividly detailed plans. Of course this inspired me to build even more than what I had initially set out to, but the projects proposed and the plans provided helped me better define my short term building goals and make new ones for the future.

Another section I liked was that several projects were proposed that centered on specific types of tools used. So that power press I bought would get some use for a change instead of being warmed up every so often. This is helpful for sure and allows some flexibility in the shop.

 All in all I’ll have to give this site a thumbs up for the following:

  • Organization
  • Creativity
  • Easy to understand directions
  • It provides options
  • Low price for a high value


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