Outdoor Woodworking Projects

Outdoor Wood Dog House
Outdoor woodworking projects are a great way to get out of the shop and into the sun. They are a way to gain bragging rights in your neighborhood and show your wares to your spouse and family. Not to mention, when done right, outdoor woodworking projects will increase the aesthetic and financial value of your home.

Plan Your Outdoor Project

Planning your outdoor projects in advance will no doubt take some of the frustration out of the process.

Time of the year is often the first factor people look at. No one wants to build the kids a playhouse in January unless it’s made out of snow. Outdoor snow working project ideas belong on a whole different site.

Take into account the months out of the year when you have the best weather for the job you have planned and then schedule the task for those times. Another factor is the amount of time it will take to complete the project. Hanging handmade shutters and flower boxes can be broken up over several weekends or even done all at once, while maybe building a gazebo might stretch out for a month or better.

Wood Storage Space

Planned wood storage is a detail often overlooked by the beginner attempting their first outdoor woodworking projects. Make sure you have someplace that is removed from the elements when you have your wood delivered or unload it. Nothing will put a damper (pun intended) on your motivation more than working with wet, cold wood.

When you set up shop make sure you have a power outlet handy. This sounds elementary, but three 50’ power cords from the inside of the garage to the backyard is not the optimum way to go. For safety, if you have to use more than one power cord to reach the work site, tape the ends together with electrical tape. This will not only keep them from unplugging when Elroy and Astro are playing in the backyard, but will keep moisture and condensation from seeping in if you forget to pick up after yourself.

At the very least cover your power tools overnight with a tarp. The best bet would be to wheel them back into the shed or shop before you finish up for the day. Even in dry weather condensation can accumulate overnight and ruin your power tools or your day with a nice shock. Moisture is definitely your enemy while doing outdoor woodworking projects.


Make sure you are still wearing appropriate clothing as well. You might be tempted to wear a bikini top and cutoffs while in the sun, but woodchips will be flying, as well as nails, screws and who knows what else.  Still keep your safety gear handy.

And if you are a guy, don’t wear a bikini even if you aren’t building something in the yard. That’s not a building tip, just another way to keep you safe.

Whether you are building a playhouse, tree house, gazebo or just a few pots for plants, planning all your outdoor woodworking projects will make your time productive and even a little therapeutic.

Remember to plan out where you’re going to put your project and if you’re going to dig, make sure you’re not digging into something you shouldn’t. Be safe and remember, start slow and build your skill.