My Sheds Review

Reviewer:  Bill Mathews
Rating:      5 Star Review
Website:   My Shed Plans


My Shed PlansWhether you need to build just one shed or have multiple shed projects in mind, this site deserves a look. Often the biggest issues for the at home builder is finding the right plans. Too often we try to alter the plans we have or else go with something “fairly close” to what we need. The alternatives are to spend money on huge sites or make our own plans. Sometimes neither of those is an option either.

So I went to work to find a great shed website and ran across mysheds. I liked the layout and the straightforward design of the website. I felt like I was talking to a true construction professional. Beyond the web design I found several other perks as well that piqued my interest in the form of free plans!

The free plans were not exactly all about what I had pictured as shed either. The name of the site might be mysheds, but the plans go well beyond wooden replicas of the JC Penny’s aluminum/plastic sheds. Basically I was amazed at how far beyond those types of projects the site went.

In addition to having a lot of shed plans to choose from, there were greenhouse plans, playhouse plans, and plans for chicken coops. Basically they covered anything I could build outside to make my life a little easier and at an affordable price.

There are a lot of sites on the World Wide Web that offer one type of plans. If the plans fit your needs and lifestyle, great, but if they don’t you are left to you own devices. One of the things I liked about this site was that not only did it give me several options for the same project, but also gave me ideas for other projects as well. And not just projects I thought I might want to do, but ones I never thought I could do myself and would spend hours searching on the net for if I did.

In some ways I felt like this site knows where the do-it-yourselfer is coming from. The designs are clean and easy to understand and the directions are step by step without talking down to the person reading them. Overall I’d have to say this site satisfies the immediate needs of the builder and is proactive and anticipates the future needs of them as well.

Shed Plans