Wood Garden Shed 

Build a Wooden Garden Shed - Save the Planet! 


There are those who will argue that  to build a wood garden shed would in fact kill the planet.  For those of you who feel that way I will tell you two things: Okay and read on.

Wood Garden ShedWood is a renewable resource when used and managed correctly.  Vinyl is not biodegradable.  Metal sheds are the product of mining, smelting and chemical processes that all do harm to the environment. Having said that, let’s talk about building a wood garden shed.

A wooden garden shed not only frees up space in your garage but also can add to the aesthetics of your property.  Again, we’re all about saving the planet.

Having a garden shed makes it easier for you to organize your tools and gardening supplies. If you add a small greenhouse on the side, you will be able to start your own plants from seeds. Who wants to rely solely on fruits and vegetables grown using pesticides and massive amounts of fossil fuel?  Most gardeners grow their own produce because fresh tastes better.

Wood Garden Shed Size Design

Building a wooden garden shed isn’t any harder than building any other type of shed, but there are a couple of features you might want to look at as far as choosing a design or drafting your own.

The first thing to consider is functionality. Is this going to be only a garden shed or are you going to store other pieces of outdoor equipment in it as well? For example, if you plan on storing your riding lawnmower in there you might want to look at a larger plan. You’re going to be in and out of your wood garden shed often. Climbing over your cool John Deere with the flames painted on the side is going to get old quick. You will need to consider the width of the doorway and possibly adding a ramp so the "green machine" will have easy access.

Where to Put You Wood Garden Shed

Now that you know how big, the next question is where? Think uphill from your garden and easy access. If you have no hills because you live in Kansas, think shade. Building your shed close to your garden spot is a good idea. Some plants require a little shade and if your garden plans call for such plants, maybe use your shed to add a little bit of shade for part of the day.

Next is building material. For durability, value and keeping a lot of bugs out, cedar is a popular choice. However cedar is not one of the cheaper woods around. Pine can be a good choice, just for the fact that it is cheaper and easy to work with. You are not building a legacy, just a wooden garden shed.  Check with your local lumber yard to compare lumber prices and their recommendations.

DIY Wood Garden Shed 

Kits are available and they come in various shapes and sizes, but they are a bit pricey. More often than not, they arrive with at least one defective piece.  Save a few dollars and get a set of blueprints and instructions. Then take your material list to the local lumber store. They can help you choose what is the best materials for you to use to help you stay within your budget. Building from scratch is a lot of the fun. It will give you a sense of pride when you show off your new Wood Garden Shed to your friends and neighbors.
Since this is a garden shed,  it is recommended that you anchor your shed unless you set your shed on a concrete slab. You should carefully consider the placement of your wood garden shed if you want a concrete foundation. Plan ahead.  If you decide to give up gardening, a nice shed can be used for storage or a nice little workshop.

No matter what the style or size of your wood garden shed, when built right it will add value to your home and give you a nice sense of accomplishment.