Bird House Design 

Bird House Design
When you were a kid you may have built your first bird house and brought it home to mom. She loved the Bird House design and the thoughtfulness that her little one had made her something from scratch. It was wonderful! The added bonus was that you got to keep the $5 Dad gave you to buy her a birthday present.

Now you’re much older, more mature and feel like you could do a better job. You would love nothing more than to have a nice bird house outside the window so you can relax serenely as your new tenants go about their bird interest.

Different Birds - Different Housing Requirements

But bird house design isn’t all about making a box with a hole in it, there are more considerations to take into account. You will be amazed at all the different size requirements for each species of bird.

Once you have decided on the type of bird you want living next to your house, you should find or make a bird house design that will accommodate your soon to be buddies. Houses that are big will most likely attract larger birds that wouldn’t fit into the tiny apartment you’re thinking about building. Those requirements will be described in your bird house design plans. What we are shooting for is a way to make your bird house design something more than a tenement for the avian and a real value to the animals that will inhabit their new home.

Bird House Design Tips

Bird House DesignDrainage is something that most people don’t take into consideration. Heavy rains can cause some issues with water getting into the bird house and staying there. Standing water is very bad. Usually, drilling a small hole in each corner will allow drainage and help keep standing water out of your bird house. This will also reduce the chances of disease.

Your accessibility is another factor to consider. It is a good idea to add a removable or hinged top to your bird house design.  Think of this, when your birds move out, you might want to clean up before the next tenant arrives. The bird family that has moved out will almost assuredly not have cleaned a thing. On the bright side, you will get to keep their deposit.
Birds do die, and that is another reason for accessibility. If the bird dies quietly at home in its house, how are you going to get it out before every cat within three miles smells a “special treat”? Turning your bird house into a macabre type of air freshener is not a good thing. Call me crazy, but I’m not one who appreciates that “new dead bird” smell. EWW!

Make sure your bird house design has plenty of ventilation. Birds will still build a nest in the house and a bird in their nest will produce a lot of heat. If it becomes too hot they will just move somewhere else and you have a yard ornament.

These bird house design tips are usually the four tips most people forget about until their bird house becomes abandoned or a scene from a Rob Zombie movie. Granted, form is definitely important, make your house nice, but functionality is imperative if you are going to be the Donald Trump of bird house design.

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